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One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a professional HVAC company that offers a comprehensive suite of services with a focus on the needs of homeowners. Our customer reviews are outstanding – over 21,000 of them are currently posted online – and can be found on Facebook, Google, pulseM, and other sites. With a very large staff and a customer base numbering in the thousands, we are an industry leader in providing bleeding-edge residential heating and air conditioning solutions yet have still retained our one-on-one approach to working with customers. With One Hour you get the best of both worlds – the knowledge and expertise that only the professionals can provide, yet we never lose sight of the fact that each homeowner has their own unique challenges and priorities.

Current Service Offerings

Air Conditioning and Heating Repair. 

One reason homeowners are reluctant to get heating and air conditioning problems fixed is that they think they will end up having to pay for a total system replacement. But that is not necessarily the case. One Hour technicians are skilled to repair air conditioning & heating system, regardless of which company installed it. For a modest $99 fee, your heading or A/C unit will be checked out and your problem diagnosed. We will be happy to discuss all your repair options – and allow you to choose the option that fits your needs and budget.

Revitalize Your HVAC System. 

Have you noticed lately that your AC system is not blowing the cold air like it used to during the hot Bolivia, NC summers? Then you probably need a complete AC system rejuvenation. Or maybe your heating system isn’t providing the warmth your home needs and it requires a complete heating system revivalization. The technician will do a complete cleaning of your equipment (including removal of baked-on plaque that has accumulated on the coils), lubrication of all moving parts, Freon gas level check, operating pressure, recalibration of the system to its original factory specs – and they will even replace your thermostat batteries! Your cost? Currently only $134 complete.

Total Heating/AC Replacement. 

What if it is time for a total system replacement? If another company has told you that, give One Hour a call – we can come out and give you a second opinion at no charge to you – you may not need a total system replacement. But if you do need a new heating and AC system, we can handle the installation of all the big brands, even if you need a modification to your ductwork. And of course your new system will be comprehensively inspected before the job is completed.

Ductless System Installs. 

You may have an area in your home – perhaps a home office, garage, sun porch – where it would be impractical (or impossible) to install AC ductwork. In situations like these, One Hour can install a mini-split AC unit in less than a day. These units can cool a room up to 1,600 square feet – with an energy efficiency rating of up to 33 SEER. These can cost as little as $50/month and they currently offer a 12-month, 0% interest, 0 payment financing agreement with approved credit.

Improve Your Home Air Quality. 

Are you concerned about things like viruses, bacterial agents, dust and mold build-up, building material and chemical toxins in the air you breathe? You should – the EPA has stated that bad indoor air quality can have both immediate and long-term effects on your health. One Hour can pinpoint the source of bad air in your home and get a solution in place to fix it and make sure those problems don’t crop up again.

Ductwork Cleaning. 

Speaking of improving your indoor air quality, one of the best ways to do that is to get any nasty build-up in your ductwork removed. One Hour’s duct cleaning removes things like mold, pollen, plant spores, and bacteria. This is no cheap, half-hearted attempt to sweep your ducts – actual cleansing agents will be used in conjunction with super-sophisticated equipment that will do the job right the first time.

Improve Ductwork Energy Efficiency and Hygiene. 

Did you know that in some homes 20-30% of your heating and cooling efficiency is lost due to cracked or damaged ductwork? Not only that – these openings can allow pollutants to get pulled in to your ducts, mixing with the circulating air. Old methods of ductwork sealing involved taping or covering these holes and gaps from the outside. One Hour, however, uses the Aeroseal duct sealing method, which uses safe substances to seal your ducts from the inside, effectively reducing leakage by 90% or more.

Get Some Perks and Join the Club.

What club are we talking about here? Why, the Comfort Club of course. This is our “customer rewards” program. As a member of the “club” you will have access to a ton of perks: annual system revivalization visits, reduced fees on diagnostic tests, discounts on repairs and new equipment installs, first in line service and guaranteed same day appointments. All of this for a monthly fee that will never increase!

A System “Upgrade” For No Extra Money

With One Hour, you can get an 18 SEER system for a 14 SEER price. This is an exclusive open only to comfort club members. Essentially it will allow you to get a top-of-the-line system but you only pay the price for a standard system. It is very quiet while operating, can be controlled through WiFi, and fully warrantied. If you are a qualified homeowner, you can pay $0 down and under $100/month in payments.

Areas Serviced. If you are a homeowner in Bolivia, NC, One Hour Heating and AC can visit you right away. 

Dear homeowner, why are you waiting? Your heating or AC issues are not going to go away on their own! While you are thinking about it, why not contact us right now?

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