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  • “Comfortblast” def. 1: verb – to leap through a Space-Time Portal in an attempt to arrive at a customer’s home faster; esp. for One Hour Comfort Club Members

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Heart and Excellence: an ORIGIN story

Hey, I’m Richie the owner, and if you’re wondering “how DID One Hour Myrtle Beach become the greatest heating and air conditioning company on planet Earth? Is it sheer EXCELLENCE? Is it pure HEART?”Fair questions! But the answer is really found on a dusty page of Americana, three generations ago on a Depression Era dirt farm. That’s where my grandfather Samuel Herbert “Sammy” Drew grew up.
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Customer Reviews

The Technicians (Shawn & Maurice) were extremely polite, diligent about putting on their “slippers” while in the house, were extremely friendly, capable and definitely competent. It was almost a joy having them around (including all the talking I did with Shawn about our fishing experiences – of which there were many). They are truly nice people and are to be commended. Last but not least, my system now works so much better that I actually had to turn my AC up to a higher number because my house got too chilly!! Wow… THANKS again.

Toni L. – Myrtle Beach, SC

Always professional, friendly and efficient. Mo is the best! Sean and Maurice did a great job cleaning my ducts!

Colleen S. – Longs, SC

There is not enough space on this survey for me to adequately express how completely satisfied I am with the service I received from One Hour! From my first contact with Holly, to the first service call from Eric, to the installation by Brian and Jimmy. What a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff!

Jean W. – Myrtle Beach, SC

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