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Experience an “everyday miracle” filled with Melvinness

Get a Complete Air Conditioner Rejuvenation

Our $127 A/C System Rejuvenation WILL make your unit:

  1. Blow stronger air
  2. Blow colder air
  3. Use far less energy doing it, reducing your utility bill
  4. Live a much longer, happier life…
  5. Just like Melvin would want it

Melvin taught me that most people don’t realize HVAC systems really do need regular maintenance.

Making Great Heating & AC Systems Affordable

The problem is, most so-called “AC Tune-Ups” are done badly, and incompletely.
Some guys just hose off the coils, throw in a filter and call it “tuned up.”
Melvin taught us a better way.
Who is Melvin?

Here’s what we do:

  • We professionally clean all the baked-on plaque from the coils in your system, so it’ll use less energy and cool more quickly.
  • We install a Crud Buster in your drip pan to eliminate odors and stop overflows before they happen.
  • We lubricate all moving parts and install a new pleated air filter.
  • We conduct a 24-point diagnostic including checking Freon levels and all operating pressures.
  • We install fresh batteries in your thermostat.
  • THEN we recalibrate your entire system back to factory fresh specifications.

For just $127, we’re very proud of our System Rejuvenation service. It really IS, in fact, the “ounce of prevention that’s worth a POUND of cure.”

for YOUR magical AC System Rejuvenation,
simply contact us using any method you prefer!
And PREPARE to be amazed.
(843) 448-6867

PLEASE NOTE: this service is the exact same bill reducing, life-extending A/C Rejuvenation that our Comfort Club members get every year (plus tons more) for just $19.95/mo! It pays to be FAMILY.