Complete AC System Revivalization Hallsboro

Are you looking for a Hallsboro AC tune-up that truly tunes up your central air conditioning system so that it’s more efficient and reliable? If you are, look no further. Our air conditioning maintenance services include more than blowing air at your coils and replacing your filter. It’s a complete revitalization process that provides for a 47 point diagnostic.

Our $134 A/C System Revivalization WILL make your unit:

  1. blow stronger air
  2. blow colder air
  3. use far less energy doing it, reducing your utility bill
  4. live a much longer, happier life…

Revivalize My A/C
Most people don’t realize HVAC systems really do need regular maintenance.

The problem is, most so-called “AC Tune-Ups“Hallsboro are done badly, and incompletely.  Some guys just hose off the coils, throw in a filter and call it “tuned up”.

One Hour Heating and air HVAC TechnicianHere’s what we do:

  • We professionally clean all the baked-on plaque from the coils in your system, so it’ll use less energy and cool more quickly.
  • We install a Crud Buster in your drip pan to eliminate odors and stops overflows before they happen.
  • We lubricate all moving parts and install a new pleated air filter.
  • We conduct a 47-point diagnostic including checking Freon levels and all operating pressures.
  • We install fresh batteries in your thermostat.
  • THEN we recalibrate your entire system back to factory fresh specifications.

For just $134, we’re very proud of our System Revivalization service.  It really IS, in fact, the “ounce of prevention that’s worth a POUND of cure”.

for YOUR magical AC System Revivalization,

simply contact us using any method you prefer!

and PREPARE to be amazed.

Revivalize My A/C



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PLEASE NOTE: this service is the exact same bill reducing, life-extending A/C or Heater Revivalization that our Comfort Club members get every year (plus tons more) for just $12.95/mo! It pays to be FAMILY.


Benefits of Our Hallsboro AC Tune-Up Service

Our Hallsboro AC tune-up is an affordable option at $134, but our HVAC technicians know that you want more than affordability when it comes to your yearly HVAC maintenance. You want a tune-up that revitalizes your air conditioner so that you can enjoy cool indoor temperatures all summer long. The good news is that our HVAC total revitalization provides many benefits, including:

  • Improving Blowing Efficiency
  • Improving Heat Transfer for Colder Air
  • Extending the Useful Life of Your Air Conditioner
  • Improving Energy-Efficiency, Which May Lower Summer Cooling Bills

What’s Included in Our Total HVAC Revitalization Tune-Up in Hallsboro, NC

When it comes to revitalizing your AC unit, we know that it must involve more than blowing your coils off with pressurized air and installing a filter. While that may help a little bit, it can still leave crud on your coils, and it doesn’t offer a total air conditioning unit check-up to find hidden problems that may cause breakdowns in the future, like on the hottest day of the year. that’s why our Hallsboro AC tune-up includes:

  • A Complete Professional Cleaning – We blow off and scrub your coils to remove all the caked on oil, grime, dirt, and deposits. This also allows us to inspect them for holes, dings, dents, and visible leaks while improving heat transfer so that you enjoy the cooler air.
  • Installation of a Crud Buster – A Crud Buster is a revolutionary way to keep your drip pan from stinking up your home. It kills odors and stops your pan from overflowing.
  • Complete Lubrication – we lubricate and grease all moving parts so that your gears do not experience any increased wear and tear that may lead to the need for sudden repairs in the future.
  • 47 Point Diagnostic – Includes the inspection of your belt, coils, motors, and coolant levels along with forty-three other items.
  • New Thermostat Batteries – When we do your AC check-up, you won’t have to worry about your thermostat batteries running out of juice. We’ll replace them.
  • New Filter – Install a new AC filter to improve airflow through the system and help keep allergens at bay.
  • Complete HVAC Recalibration – We will recalibrate your system to operate within the original factory specs.

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Enjoy peace of mind and cool indoor air when you contact us for your Hallsboro AC tune-up. We’ve been serving Hallsboro since 1995, and we can give you the best AC service too. If you’re looking to save even more money, check out our Comfort Club Membership, starting at $12.95 per month.