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AC Maintenance in Florence, SC

AC Maintenance, Same Day Service Florence, SC

Keep your AC working in top shape with regular AC maintenance.

Prepare for the hot summer months in Florence, SC, with an AC maintenance checkup from One Hour Magic. Get your AC purring like a finely tuned engine so you can feel comfortable wherever life takes you this season. Keep calm and enjoy reliable temperature control, as we wish you happy travels ahead.

Ensure your AC operates at its optimal performance level with our maintenance packages. We offer AC services and regular ac tune-ups to promote maximum efficiency, helping you avoid costly breakdowns. Our exclusive AC services give you the reassurance that comes from knowing your unit will remain in top condition all year round.

Revivalize Your Air Conditioning with Our Comprehensive $154 Service!

Introducing an offer you can’t miss—an AC System Revitalization for just $154 that guarantees:

  • Enhanced airflow strength
  • Chiller air output
  • Significant energy efficiency, cutting down on your bills
  • Extended equipment lifespan

Revivalize My A/C
Often overlooked, regular HVAC maintenance is crucial for your system’s performance and longevity.

Disappointment lurks in Florence’s many subpar “AC Tune-Ups.” Typical services might just rinse the coils, switch out the filter, and call it “maintenance.” That’s just not enough.

Meet our One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Technician—we go the extra mile:

Most people don’t realize HVAC systems really do need regular maintenance.

The problem is, most so-called “AC Tune-Ups” in Florence are done badly, and incompletely.  Some guys just hose off the coils, throw in a filter and call it “tuned up”.

One Hour Heating and air HVAC Technician


Here’s what we do:

  • We professionally clean all the baked-on plaque from the coils in your system, so it’ll use less energy and cool more quickly.
  • We install a Crud Buster in your drip pan to eliminate odors and stops overflows before they happen.
  • We lubricate all moving parts and install a new pleated air filter.
  • We conduct a 47-point diagnostic including checking Freon levels and all operating pressures.
  • We install fresh batteries in your thermostat.
  • THEN we recalibrate your entire system back to factory fresh specifications.


For just $154, we’re very proud of our System Revivalization service.  It really IS, in fact, the “ounce of prevention that’s worth a POUND of cure”.

Proudly, we stand behind our System Revivalization service offered at an unbeatable price of $134. Truly an investment, it’s the little bit of care that prevents major repairs.

Elevate your AC’s performance today with our AC System Revivalization—it’s the preventative measure that outweighs costly fixes!

What’s the importance of maintaining your AC system?

Keep your comfort and safety a priority this summer with regular AC maintenance in Florence. Investing in seasonal tune-ups ensures that you experience optimal coolness, warding off potential breakdowns or risks. Invest in regular maintenance today for peak performance every time.

  • Extend Life of AC and Equipment Protection – Receive total assurance that your air conditioning system will perform reliably and efficiently with preventative maintenance from One Hour Magic. Our seasoned techs utilize a comprehensive checklist to guarantee all parts are in optimal shape for years of worry free operation.
  • Energy Bill Savings – Stop spending energy and money when your AC flocks. Reclaim the consistency of cool air with proactive maintenance from our experienced techs. By investing in regular AC maintenance in Florence, you can extend your system’s life to 15 years and save on utility bills.
  • Savings on constant repairs – Take the stress out of summer heat by securing your family’s comfort with annual AC maintenance. Our expert techs offer top-rated AC services that prevent costly air conditioner breakdowns. Our service will save you time and money in the long run. With our reliable support, rest easy knowing we’ll keep your system running all season smoothly long.
  • Better Air Quality – Maintaining your indoor air quality is essential. Smart maintenance of AC systems can reduce the unhealthy particles in our homes and workplaces. Ensure everyone’s peace of mind with regular checks, repairs, and filter replacements to ensure a healthy breathing space for all.
  • Comfort, Safety & Peace Of Mind – Let us give you a summer of comfort and reliability. Our maintenance solutions detect possible air conditioning issues to ensure your unit is ready for the upcoming heat wave.

What components are inspected during AC maintenance?

Professional AC techs take great care in performing air conditioner maintenance checkups to guarantee your system is running correctly and efficiently. A thorough inspection of all the components will give you peace of mind that everything is functioning correctly.

The inspection may include the following:

Our AC maintenance inspection in Florence will ensure that all mechanical parts are in optimal condition and free from wear and tear.

  • A professional inspection of the wiring and power connections will ensure they comply with safety regulations. The inspection provides peace of mind that your electrical system is in top condition.
  • Professional AC techs will inspect your fan’s essential elements to ensure optimal performance. To prepare, we’ll clean the blower blades and other crucial components to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • To guarantee the top tier performance of the thermostat, we will thoroughly inspect its settings.
  • One Hour Magic certified techs are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service. We will safely and securely fasten all electrical connections for ultimate performance.
  • Expert techs at One Hour Magic give you unparalleled AC lubrication services for wear and tear. They will ensure your machinery’s longevity and keep them in optimal condition. We guarantee top results for all our clients.
  • Team of experts at One Hour Magic guarantees your condensate drain line operations are always running smoothly. With their specialized service, you can have complete peace of mind.
  • Ensure your system will run efficiently with a new air filter. Our certified techs are ready to give your unit the professional care it needs. The AC maintenance in Florence will include inspections, cleaning, and replacements included.
  • Our techs have the expertise to identify, repair and maintain refrigerant leaks. The maintenance service ensures your refrigerator continues to run optimally.

Trust us as your AC expert.

At One Hour Magic in Florence, SC, we ensure your AC runs smoothly. Our top tier HVAC techs are highly qualified and experienced in their craft. They have the right tools for effective diagnoses and treatments of any AC system.

At One Hour Magic, we ensure your home or office stays relaxed and comfortable with our AC maintenance services in Florence. Our qualified AC techs offer annual AC tune-ups, so you can rest assured that your cooling system is in good hands. We take pride in providing superior customer satisfaction with every job, whether a simple tune-up or complex repair.

Our team provides high quality AC services, no matter the time or day. Our experienced techs work swiftly and efficiently to ensure your HVAC system operates at its best. You can depend on us whenever you need assistance.