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Indoor Air Quality Mount Pleasant

duct cleaningIn the quest for greater home energy efficiency, modern windows, doors and insulation keep more outside air OUT, but that also keeps more inside air IN. Indoor air quality is a key factor in today’s modern home.

So if you’ve got dirty or improperly sealed air ducts or if your home ventilation isn’t right, you’ve got a problem.

The EPA says indoor air is typically 2-5 TIMES DIRTIER than the air outside.
Indoor air quality is a key factor for a safe home. Dust, mold, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and toxins blow through your home air system, and everyone in the house is breathing it in.

Regular air filters don’t help. They’re only designed to protect furnaces and air conditioners from giant dust dinosaurs, not the tiny molecules that can actually damage your health.

We Can Fix All Of This

Our whole house air cleaning options remove more than 97% of these dangerous particles and eliminate their threat to your health. You WILL breathe air so clean you will smell and feel the difference.

Lots of Amazing, Futuristic Indoor Air Quality Options

We’re Mold, Fungus, and Micro-bacteria Slaying Super Heroes

Contaminants like these produce unhealthy effects on your home’s air quality. Thing is, they’re hard to remove. Our UV germicidal lights are kryptonite to these contaminants. UV systems emit ultraviolet radiation powerfully enough to kill bacteria. Best of all, UV air sanitizers leave no trace behind.

That’s why hospitals use UV air sanitizer systems. Now, One Hour Magic brings this technology to your home—which is especially important if you anyone there suffers from allergies, asthma or other lung issues.

The “Crud Buster” is a magical little drip pan device that:

  1. Prevents costly water damage to your home, because it prevents unseen A/C PAN OVERFLOWS.
  2. Eliminates the bacteria, algae slime and fungal growth beneath your interior unit.
  3. Stops the offensive odors before they start.

We CAN Eliminate Stinky Air!

We remove the odors from pet and litter boxes, dirty diapers, burnt food, cigarette smoke and any other offensive attacks on your sense of smell.

The powerful cleaning of our MicroPower Guard® and the Air Scrubber® (we like to call “The Smellerator”) neutralizes the harmful gasses, toxins, and fumes coming through your air system into your home.

*The Smellerator’s combination of an electromagnetic force field and powerful UltraViolet light first trap dangerous particles and then create O3 oxygen scrubbers, nature’s way of cleansing the atmosphere.

You’ll start smelling the difference the moment you turn it on and keep feeling the benefits as your home becomes a pleasant smelling wonderland.

Duct Cleaning and Duct Sealing

One Hour does Duct Cleaning the RIGHT way.

Old school duct cleaning (sweeping the interior with a “rotobrush” etc) doesn’t work. It doesn’t really clean the ducts, but it does move a lot of pollutants around! But this is why we do it differently: we SUPERCLEAN your ducts.

While cleaning your ducts, we use advanced technique and higher tech equipment along with safe cleaning agents, to cleanse every nook and cranny of your duct system, not just what you can see peering in.

We do Duct Sealing the ONLY way that makes sense!

The ol’ external duct tape or masting paste methods are messy, inefficient and far less effective; And they can only be applied to ducts that are physically accessible.

But we’re the only company in town licensed to AEROSEAL your ductwork.

AEROSEAL is the advanced method that super seals your air ducts from the inside. And it works like a miracle!

Get a Complete Indoor Air Quality Assessment!

Here’s what we’ll do:

“We believe in SUPERSEALING your air ducts so you air condition your HOME, not your attic!” –Marty, Operations Manager

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