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Conway Duct Diagnosis

We see A LOT of poor ductwork in Myrtle Beach. It was usually installed quickly and cheaply as an afterthought instead of sized properly to save money and ensure perfect comfort throughout your house forever. This is one of the reasons why our Conway Duct Diagnosis is so critical.

Rate Your Ducts

  • Is your AC/Heat noisy when it turns on?
  • Do doors shut when it turns on?
  • Do you have hot or cold spots?
  • Does it look like a 3rd grader made it while throwing a tantrum?

Answer yes to any or all of these? You need our FREE duct diagnosis.

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What We Track Down Duct Leaks

Richie DrewWe start by checking for undersized returns. That’s because a majority of heating and cooling systems we see have undersized returns. This makes your system work harder, like breathing through a straw while running a marathon causing these problems:

  • Fan motors shorting out, compressors failing, and a shortened system life.
  • A noisy system creating pressure imbalances that looks like ghosts opening or closing doors when it turns on.
  • Hot and/or cold spots in your house instead of one even level of comfort.
  • Increased energy use, pushing your bills higher.

We check duct cleanliness

Your family breathes everything in your ductwork. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned since you moved in, they’re probably filthy. You can take a paper towel and wipe it inside one of your vents. If it comes out dusty, they need to be cleaned.

If we find a problem and you agree with our Duct Diagnosis here’s what we can do for you:

  • One Hour Aeroseals leaks
  • One Hour supercleans ducts the right way, not the quick and easy way
  • One Hour custom fabricates high quality, 2” thick, R8 insulated duct systems right in your driveway that lasts and lasts
  • So strong you can stand on ‘em
  • Coated for quietness
  • Guaranteed comfort and the lowest bills possible
  • Environmentally and human-friendly materials

MartyGet your Duct Diagnosis now and stop Suffering and Overpaying. And, that’s just the start:

  • Sleep Better
  • Feel Better
  • Get rid of the ghosts
  • Love life more
  • Enjoy your home in the greatest place on earth

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