Summerville AC Tune-up

An AC tune-up is an important part of keeping your air conditioner running properly and efficiently. A regular maintenance routine can help to ensure that your system runs more smoothly, lasts longer, and saves you money on energy bills.

An AC tune-up is much more than just an ordinary preventative maintenance plan — it’s a special kind of deep cleaning and maintenance that goes above and beyond the basics that most other services offer. One Hour Magic Air Conditioning Maintenance is one such service that offers a comprehensive AC tune-up package that thoroughly cleans condenser coils from the inside, oils and recalibrates all moving parts and ensures every electrical connection is secure. We delve into the details of how to get your system back to its factory specifications — leaving you with improved energy efficiency and a longer lasting system.

Here’s Why Scheduling Your Regular Summerville AC Tune-up is So Important:

First off, clean condenser coils are essential for operating an efficient air conditioning unit. Condenser coils work by transferring heat energy outdoors so your indoor spaces remain cool. When these coils are clogged with dirt or debris, they may become obstructed or even stop functioning altogether — resulting in costly repairs or replacement if not tended to quickly. That’s why having One Hour Magic Air Conditioning Maintenance come out to provide a professional deep cleaning of your condenser coils from the inside is so important — it helps ensure optimal performance by removing any foreign materials that could be obstructing airflow.

In addition to cleaning dirty condenser coils, One Hour Magic Air Conditioning Maintenance also ensures all moving parts are well-oiled and recalibrated for optimal performance. This includes double checking the voltage and amperage draw on each motor to make sure it is in line with what was originally specified when first installed. Plus we check all electrical connections to make sure they are tight and secure — reducing the risk of overheating or sparking which can cause damage to other components in your system if left unchecked.

Finally, after cleaning, oiling and recalibrating every part of your system inside out, One Hour Magic Air Conditioning Maintenance will restore all components back up to factory fresh specifications — guaranteeing you improved energy efficiency and a longer lasting system overall. The end result? You’ll save money on monthly utility bills due to reduced power consumption as well as save money in the long run due to fewer chances for costly repairs down the road!

Why Choose Us For Your Regular Summerville AC Tune-up?

Regular AC tune-ups play an essential role in keeping your home comfortable year round while also saving you money in utility costs over time. So don’t wait until you experience problems with your HVAC unit before getting it serviced — schedule regular preventive maintenance tune-ups now with One Hour Magic Air Conditioning Maintenance! Our knowledgeable team will come prepared with specialized tools needed for deep cleaning coil systems from the inside as well as oiling/recalibrating components for peak performance levels. That way you can rest assured knowing your cooling system will stay working at its best while helping you save money on utility bills month after month!