Daniel Island AC Inspection

Daniel Island AC inspectionYour annual Daniel Island AC inspection is crucial to ensure your home’s comfort and budget during the summer. Having your system tuned up and free of dirt and damage will run more efficiently, lowering your energy bills all season long.

What is an AC Inspection?

An AC inspection is a process that includes examining your system for any potential problems and making necessary repairs or adjustments. It’s a good idea to do this every year, preferably in the spring before the hottest months hit. That way, you’ll avoid any uncomfortable surprises when you need your AC the most.

What does an AC Inspection Include?

At a minimum, an AC inspection should include:
– Checking the refrigerant levels
– Measuring airflow and pressure
– Cleaning the coils
– Checking the electrical wiring and connections
– Inspecting the compressor motor
– Checking the thermostat

The best way to ensure your home is cool and comfortable all summer long is to schedule an annual AC inspection. This process includes examining your system for any potential problems and making necessary repairs or adjustments.

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Why Do your AC Inspection Our Way?

  •  We are going to arrive on time. If we miss our narrow appointment window for ANY reason, you won’t pay a dime for your cooling or heating repair.
  •  Our technician will diagnose your issue, and conduct a thorough investigation of your entire system.
  •  We identify and show you the problem and present you with ALL your options (including the exact cost of each) that will fix and/or solve your problem.
  •  You choose the best option for your family and your budget.
  •  We fix the problem according to your preference.
  •  You pay only the price you agreed to up front.

And we provide heating and cooling repair till 10pm, so you don’t have to take off work to get this done!

Because we believe we should be available when it’s most convenient for you, not the other way around.

for YOUR magical Daniel Island AC Inspection,

simply contact us using any method you prefer!

and PREPARE to be amazed.

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