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Like most people, you might not realize your air conditioner needs regular maintenance.But it does!  

The problem is, most so-called “Tune Ups” are done BADLY. Some guys just hose off the coils and throw in a filter and call it “tuned up.”  

That’s why we don’t call what we do a “tune up.” What we offer is a complete air conditioner rejuveNATION.

One Hour Magic Air Conditioner RejuveNATION 


Make your AC run like it's young again


This is a win-win!

We’re doing this because we know our Air Conditioner RejuveNATION WORKS. And we believe when you experience the skilled excellence and real heart we put into our service, you’ll want us to be YOUR heating and air guys forever. 

Here's What We Do

  • Tighten all electrical connections & lubricate all moving parts 
  • Install a new pleated air filter.Yes, Filters are included! 
  • Check all components, Freon levels, test operating pressures and insure all safety sensors are working. 
  • Recalibrate the whole system BACK to factory fresh specifications.
  • Improve performance with cooler, stronger airflow  
  • Extend the lifespan of your unit  
  • Lower your utility bills by significantly increasing the unit's operating efficiency. 
  • Change batteries in your Thermostat & Smoke Detector... 


What One Hour Magic Customers Say

I am pleased and impressed with this company. In an age of customer "no service," they are the exception to the rule. They arrive when they say they will, are respectful of the surroundings, very polite and courteous, and they know their business. 


One Hour is super. They are always on time or early and they call to let you know they are on their way. We have their maintenance plan after they replaced our HVAC system 2 years ago. Veterans receive their maintenance plan free for life.


One Hour service is great. Always on time, knowledgeable techs, polite, neat in appearance. John diagnosed the problem with our unit really quickly. He replaced the part & we were all set. Great job, keep up the good service & work. 


THAT my friends is excellence, and it comes from the heart

We believe we exist to make your life better by improving the comfort of your home (and reducing your energy bills).  

For YOUR miraculous $127 Air Continioner RejuveNATION, just contact us, and prepare to be amazed.

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